What FALL means for your flooring...

Fall is finally here! In the Pacific Northwest this means the kids are back to school, cool weather starts and lots of rain will pour. In your home, the flooring should be prepared to take a beating. Here is what to expect and how to prepare your floor for the season.  

Mirage Hardwood

HARDWOOD: Hardwood flooring expands and contracts depending on the weather and humidity.  This time of year you may notice more gaping between boards. This is common and to be expected as your floors are shrinking in the cool temperature. Try to keep your home set at a consistent temperature between 60-70 degrees. This is the perfect time to service your central heat system and be sure it is working properly for the winter months to come.

With this rain heading our way, hardwood and water are not the best of friends. If your home is “shoe friendly”, prepare for the rain by making sure you have foot rugs at each entrance to the house. Our work room can bind foot rugs from remnants for you if needed.

OR stop by our showroom for a quick and easy solution in our “Grab & Go” rug section. Starting at $10 you can take home bound foot rugs to protect your hard surface. 

Stainmaster Pet Protect Dog

CARPET: Wet, muddy shoes and paws can lead to stubborn stains. First, be sure to wipe shoes and paws thoroughly before stepping onto your carpet or try implementing a shoe free home during this time of year.

Over the fall and winter months, you’ll be spending more time indoors which means your carpeted areas are more prone to spills, crumbs, hair and debris getting embedded into the fibers. Vacuum more often and spot clean regularly. Spills will attract more dirt which can cause damage overtime. Think about restricting the amount of eating or drinking on the carpet or add rugs over the main areas where you spend most of your time. If you have a stubborn stain, we may have a solution to try HERE.


C07574 PetProtect LVT super dog 1 horizontal_370x248.jpg

LUXURY VINYL (LVT) OR LAMINATE: These types of flooring are made to embrace the fall and winter months. LVT is water proof and will have no problem enduring muddy shoes and wet dripping coats. More dirt will accumulate on the floor so be sure to sweep and vacuum more often. If you wear shoes in the home, check them for rocks before heading onto your LVT or laminate to prevent scratching. If you have laminate flooring, keep rugs by doors to the home and wipe up water quickly. If water sits on laminate floor for too long, swelling can happen.

If you have particular care questions, feel free to call us at 503-641-1901. We wish everyone a happy fall season!