Honeycomb Window Coverings

Honeycombs are often described as cellular shades. When you see the side view of this shade you will see the unique construction of honeycomb shades. Wide variety of colors, pleat sizes and operation makes a honeycomb shade one of the best window covering solutions. At Koeber’s we like the fact that honeycombs are compact when open, providing a unobstructed view of the outdoors. Closed they offer one of the highest energy-efficiency ratings in the summer and winter. Most honeycombs are made out 100% polyester, making them stain -resistant and providing sound absorption. Honeycomb comes in top-down and bottom up, cordless and vertical for sliding doors. We also offer flame retardant honeycombs


Roller Shades


The many designs and easy use of roller shades make it one of the most versatile window covering options. Hundreds of fabrics, sheers and opaques, and UV protection are available. Try roller shades without cords and it becomes very child and pet safe for your home.


Woven Wood

Woven Wood

Woven shades are hand woven out of natural fabrics to give your room a unique and versatile treatment. Available in many styles, colors, backing or no backing, and top down bottom up option. Woven shades are offered in various operations such as wand control, standard cord, continuous cord loop and even vertical.






Soft fabric vanes are suspended between two sheer fabrics facing each other. Silhouettes are in a class of there own. Silhouettes allow you to see out but from the outside people are unable to see in. They provide openness with privacy. Hunter Douglas was the first to develop this look and named it “Silhouette.” Other manufactures have a look similar to the Silhouette.



Roman Shades

Roman shades add a soft look to the top of a window. Each manufacturer offers different looks and operation systems. Options are power rise, cordless lift, top down / bottoms up operation and more. Brands include Hunter Douglas, Alta, and Norman.