Customizing an Area Rug is Easy!

Creating the perfect area rug has never been easier at Koeber's. Here's a step by step guide!

Step 1: Choose a carpet

We have everything from simple plush carpet to extravagant patterns and designs. Check out samples, receive color swatches and pick the perfect carpet for your area rug. Browse our vendors sites online HERE.

*If you already have carpet leftover from an installation or purchased a remnant piece, that works too!

Step 2: Measure for size and shape

Typical rule of thumb we go by is make sure your area rug is large enough to at least allow the front two legs of your furniture to stand on the area rug. This will help gauge the size of rug you need. If you’d like a special shape, cut out, or other design, we can do it!

Step 3: Pick your binding style

We can do anything from a simple cotton binding tape to a wide bind in fabric or leather! Check out the binding options available HERE.

Step 4: Pick up your rug or have it delivered!

Check out these area rugs we have fabricated lately:

Zebra Living Room Rug
Custom Stark Bedroom Rug
Dining room rug

Installer Highlight

Take a closer look at three of our veteran installers. These guys are employees of our store and only install for Koeber’s. We have some of the best installers in Oregon!



Rolando is one of our most skilled carpet installers. He has mastered many stair upholstery installs that no one else can. Aside from carpet, he has experience with many types of flooring and enjoys switching it up every now and then. His fun and playful attitude make him a favorite to many of our customers.



Jason gained his nickname “Chief” as a teenager managing our warehouse rug workroom and binding department. He has been with Koeber’s for 21 years. Hardwood and hard surface products are his specialty and he takes pride the detail of his work. Since he has been here for many years, he is often requested by returning customers.


Chris Koeber's Interiors.jpg



Chris has extensive experience with carpet, marmoleum and vinyl. He is especially skilled in working with patterned carpets. Chris is a patient teacher to newer installers at Koeber’s. Customers enjoy having Chris at their home because of his care for the customer’s 100% satisfaction. He always goes above and beyond what is expected.