7 Clues You Need to Replace Your Carpet

Even with great maintenance, carpet will wear out over time. It can be difficult to tell whether your carpet will live a few more years or if the damage is irreversible. Some signs are obvious where others are less noticeable. Here are a few signs to help you determine if it’s time to replace your carpet:

1.       Age

Living on a 1970’s sculpted pink carpet? Time to replace! No residential carpet in a normal household will live longer than 20-30 years. Over the years your carpet has been accumulating dust, debris, stains, dirt, lost its twist, and is most likely way out of style. Depending on the amount of traffic, fiber, quality, and maintenance regimen, a carpet’s lifetime may be between 3-15 years. Nylons will hold up for 10-20 years. A polyester will hold up for 1-5 years.

2.       Worsening Allergies

Old carpet may be the reason your allergies are flaring up more. Old carpet holds dust, dirt, allergens and more and once it piles up, it is released into the air. New carpet means cleaner air quality in your home!

3.       Matting

Areas with the heaviest traffic such as hallways, stairs, and main traffic routes in the home can cause matting overtime. Resilient carpet fibers like Nylon will respond well after cleaning and spring back. However, some fibers like polyesters or olefins once matted down, it will not spring back even with professional cleaning. If your carpet is not springing back to regular form and you are still seeing matted carpet even after professional cleaning, it is time to replace the carpet.

4.       Smell

If you have not cleaned your carpet in a while and/or have pets in the home, your carpet may smell. First have it professionally cleaned. Once cleaned, the odor should decrease or be gone. If it does not, it means the odor is deep in the fibers, carpet pad or subfloor. This is a sign that your carpet should be replaced not only for the smell but to assure there is no damage such as pet stains or mildew beneath the carpet in the subfloor or pad.

5.       Tears and rips

This seems like an obvious sign but some small tears or rips in carpet may actually be repairable. Talk to a carpet repair company (we can refer you if needed) and see if the damage can be repaired. If tears or rips are large, especially in high traffic areas, it’s time for new carpet.

6.       Pad Failing

Pad not only provides cushion under carpet but provides warmth and insulation, air filtering, buffers sound and some moisture protection. When your pad is failing you may feel unevenness, crinkling or wrinkles.

7.       Style

Carpet is like a backdrop for your furniture and accessories. It can also be a statement piece in some applications. Once a carpet is outdated and out of style whether it be the color or pattern, it can be hard to decorate your home around it.


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