Hardwood Care and Maintenance Guide

So you’ve just invested in new Hardwood flooring for your home. Maintaining your floor the properly will keep it looking new, for longer! Follow this simple care and cleaning guide for hardwood floors.


  • Sweep or use a soft microfiber dust mop 1-2 times per week.

  • Avoid dust mops that have been pretreated such as Swiffer brand which can leave a film on your floor.

  • If a food, soft drink, sticky or greasy spill occurs, use a hardwood floor cleaning spray as recommended by Koebers and your manufacturer. Always try a damp but well-wrung cloth before using a cleaner.

  • If a deep surface scratch occurs use a hardwood touch up pen (Lowes or Home Depot will have several stain options to match your floor).

Floor Protection:

  • Attach felt pads under furniture legs.

  • Protect high traffic areas (ex: hallways, flooring in front of sinks, and rooms with high usage like a family room) with an area rug from Koebers. If we installed your hardwood, you will receive a 30% OFF discount on area rugs!

  • Protect the floor when moving heavy furniture by using a mat turned upside down.

  • Watch for high heels or certain types of footwear that may dent your hardwood.

  • Place door mats at exterior doorways. 

Temperature & Humidity:

  • Keep room temperature a consistent 67°F  -72°F.

  • Maintain a relative humidity between 30-50%. Use a humidifier or dehumidifier to if needed to prevent wood from splits, cracks, cupping, gapping, etc. due to moisture absorption.

  • Do not allow the floor to exceed 80°F.

Water or Liquid on Hardwood:

  • Never allow water or other liquids to stand on hardwood.

  • Do not mop or steam hardwood floor.

  • Quickly wipe up any spilled liquid from your floor.

Intense Light:

  • Natural changes in color due to normal aging of wood and normal UV exposure is expected.

  • Move your rugs occasionally to keep color changes uniform.

  • Avoid letting hardwood sit in direct sunlight for long periods of time with blinds from Koebers.

This guide is not for oil finished hardwood floors.

If you have specific questions or concerns, call the office at 503-641-1901 or refer to your hardwood manufacturer’s specified maintenance program.

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