BIG Donation Delivery!

Every year at our customer appreciation events we select a charity and host a drop off site for donations. At our 2017 fall customer appreciation event, we collected donations to the Oregon Humane Society. Our customers showed up with hundreds of items for pets of all kinds. We received an overwhelming amount of donations!

Ashley and Georgie on our team made the delivery of donation items to the Humane Society in Portland. They loaded up an SUV full of items, somehow making it all fit into one vehicle. Upon arrival, the donation director in the lobby showed the ladies where set the donations, which was a small box. Once they began loading items into the lobby, the donation director quickly realized the box they had was not nearly large enough for the items coming in. Others in the lobby noticed the scene of items overflowing in the lobby and started assisted Ashley and Georgie unload the car load. Once all items were in the lobby, there was a heaping pile taking over a corner of the room. The donations were very well appreciated by the volunteer staff at the Humane Society. They couldn't believe our customers donated all of these items! 

We sincerely thank our customers who kindly donated to the Humane Society at our customer appreciation event. We look forward to more community involvement and donation events in 2018!