Guide to Carpet Textures & Styles

This simple guide to carpet textures will help you start understanding what style of carpet you would like for your own home. 

Plush: This is one of the most popular style of carpeting used in homes. A plush carpet has a smooth, even look. The tufts are sheared to a flat even pile height. You will see footprints and vacuum marks on a plush carpet. This style usually is solid colored but we have been seeing multi-toned plush styles being made more recently. Check out a few of our favorite plush carpets:

Texture: A textured style is similar to a plush but has uneven tuft heights. This means footprints and vacuum marks are not as visible. Textured carpets are often multi-toned but also available in solid colors. A great carpet for busy households. Here are a couple of our favorite textured styles:

Frieze: This style is characterized by its tightly twisted tufts. Plush styles have straight tufts where frieze styles have tufts that are curled in all different directions. In turn allows the carpet to be durable in wear and often doesn’t show many footprints. Our favorite frieze styles are shown here:

Loop: Looped carpets often have an elegant and classic look. The tufts are looped in an aligned, clear pattern. Depending on the particular looped carpet selected, they will wear differently. Often larger loops can snag if you have pets in the home, or will crush quicker than a short, dense and low pile loop. For lower traffic homes, a large looped carpet can be a good choice, where as a home with heavy traffic may do best with a small looped style. These can be solid and multi toned. Some people know looped styles as a “Berber”. Here are a few examples:

Cut and Loop: As it sounds, this style carpet is a combination of cut and loop yarns. The patterns it creates can be low profile, randomized patterns or they can be larger scale. Here are a few examples of smaller scale patterns:

And a few large scale shown below:

We hope this helps your understanding of carpet styles. We have many options to choose from in our showroom but we are here to assist you in figuring out which style is best for your home.