Window Safety Program

Each year, about 3,300 children in the U.S. under the age of 5 are injured from falling out of a window (Statistic from Safe Kids Worldwide). Window falls usually cause severe brain injuries and some even result in death. As window covering specialists, we install child safe window treatments on a daily basis and feel the need to share child window safety tips.

Here are a few tips from Legacy Health to implement if you have children living in or visiting the home:

  • Keep play away from windows
  • Install window stops and only allow windows to open 4”. Be sure to install guards that can be removed by an adult in an emergency.
  •  Lock windows when not in use
  • Open windows from the top and use window stop for bottom
  • Prevent climbing. Keep furniture and anything a child can climb on away from windows
  • Actively watch children near windows

Window coverings:

  • Choose a cordless operation (they often do not add cost at Koeber's!)
  • If cords are necessary, choose a continuous cord loop and assure the loop is always attached to the window frame or wall
  • Actively watch children near shades with cords


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